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Aroma Prophecy



Nature Ingredients, Wood, Paper

Size Variable










A portable installation art piece which combines the scent-making experience and the spirit of Chinese fortune sticks.



Incense, Wood

Size Variable




Incense, Brass

Size Variable


I set out the use incense and their ash as the media of my creation, because they have a paradoxical relationship. By presenting how the Esatern Cotton Mills in To Kwa Wan looked in the past and how they look today, this art reflects the changes taking place in the entire community and the story behind those changes.

Over and Over


2015, 2018

Incense, Aluminium, Wood

Size Variable

The procedure of making art sublimates the materials used for the artwork, in which the attention of the artist gives meaning to apotentially very profane matter. To address and potentially obscure this effect, I chose incense as the raw material for my work. By including the predetermined destruction of the work in my progress, from the ashes and smoke, rises a new definition of what is the work: flashback of my student life. 

Consciously Unconscious

Incense stick, Styrofoam, Tooth Powder

Size Variable







Hope sparkles in the ignited incences, yet it disappears along with the swirling smoke and powdery ashes. The structure of work references the residential landscape of Kowloon Tong in an attempt to draw attention to (and reflect upon) the housing problems in Hong Kong. 

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